Frequently Asked Questions

What age ranges are the books targeted at?

The books are aimed at kids aged 8 to 12 years of age, but can be enjoyed by kids of any age. Kids as young as 3 have read the books with their parents and started to grasp the concepts discussed and many adults and teens have purchased and enjoyed the books.

When will the following sets be released?

The second set (GROW) will be released for Spring 2016, the third set (PROTECT) will be released in the Spring 2017, the last set (BUSINESS) in the Spring 2018.

Who painted all the beautiful pictures in the books?

The books were all painted in watercolour by Janice Blaine. To see more of her work please go to:

Can my organization / charity sell your books and receive the $10 per set charitable donation?

Yes, please contact Tammy to discuss how to do just that.

Can I get the books in other languages?

Currently the books are in English, but we are able to get them in translated into other languages if there is enough interest. Please contact Tammy to discuss just how to do that.

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