Money is a fact of life. It isn’t the most important thing, and no it can’t buy you happiness, but money does play a huge role in almost every aspect of life. When you have money and a strong grasp of how it works you are calmer, healthier, and happier. Unfortunately most people have nothing more than a very rudimentary grasp of money. Our financial education is extremely lacking. Kids graduate high school and college knowing next to nothing other than work hard, find a good job, and spend your entire life in debt.

If you are an adult you have many choices to increase your Financial IQ. Books, courses, seminars, board games, websites, and financial professionals can help you learn and provide you with options. Unfortunately for kids the options are extremely limited if you can even find them. The few resources available are typically aimed at teenagers and young adults. The other major drawback is kids view learning about money the same way they view extra math homework. If it isn’t fun and attractive they aren’t going to pay attention.

In order to get kids interested in learning about money in a healthy, balanced, and positive way Tammy Johnston created Financial Foundations. Ensuring that they were visually stunning (each book is fully illustrated with original water colour paintings) and written in a way that kids can grasp without insulting their intelligence, kids can read the books with their parents or on their own.

Breaking the books into four sets (FOUNDATION, GROW, PROTECT, and BUSINESS) of six books that build upon one another kids, and their parents and grandparents, can start with the basics and build up their financial knowledge.

Financial Foundations is committed to educating kids while supporting good charities and schools that help kids and their familes. As a part of this commitment $10 from every set sold is donated. Tammy’s pet charity is World Vision Canada which works in communities around the globe. By providing safe food, water, medical care, education, disaster support, and whatever is needed to help a community become self sufficient WVC helps people get on their feet and moving forward.

Join us as we give kids the tools to be successful in life.

Financial Foundations Books